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With the exclusive licensing consultancy firm in South Africa.
More than a Franchise Licencing Consultancy, We Strive to Be Your Partner in Growth.



Considering a New Business Venture? Licentia Franchise SA is the “Top New” and “Unique” upcoming Franchise in South Africa. Entrepreneurial opportunity with our more than two decades of experience.

Be the BOSS! Work for yourself, within a reliable, sustainable, and profitable Business Franchise model.

Use of the LICENTIA® brand name and trademark gives immediate credibility to your Franchise Business.

Licentia provides professional services within almost every Business sector in South Africa. Business cannot be conducted without operational licenses and renewal of said Business Licenses and Permits.

Part of the “One of a Kind” and “Sole and Exclusive” Licensing Franchise in South Africa.

Increased demand for South African Businesses to become Licensed as economic transformation, growth, and competitiveness trajectory increases due to greater innovation and investments.

Detailed instruction in all facets of Business Licensing.

Ongoing mentorship, guidance, assistance, and training from the seasoned team at Head Office.

Updates on statutory legislation and amendments, document requirements, and Business Licensing news.

To address common issues, access to 20 years of business licensing expertise is available from Head Office.

Use of and access to the Licentia software and web applications.

Employing license consultants is an opportunity to expand your Franchise, and or add Agencies within your Franchise.

Use of all legal formats in documentation and procedures required for a successful Franchise Business operation, including 20 years of Intellectual Property accumulated.

National Licentia Franchise SA advertising platform.
  • Website
  • Social Networking
  • Professional Networks
Instructional, technical manual.


Licentia Franchise SA is a private company with its Head Office in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.

Licentia Franchise SA (Pty) Ltd is part of MaxMind Group of Companies (Pty) Ltd, with its Shareholding established in Oliver’s Capital Trust. The company Director is Jean Oliver.

Licentia Franchise SA (Pty) Ltd has affiliated companies for all 9 provinces in South Africa, therefore creating a National and Provincial platform to take the next step in Licentia’s evolution.

Franchises are independently owned and operated, with the benefit of the expansion of a Franchise into smaller Agencies within a Geographical Area.

✔ Licentia Eastern Cape
✔ Licentia Free State
✔ Licentia Gauteng
✔ Licentia KwaZulu-Natal
✔ Licentia Limpopo
✔ Licentia Mpumalanga
✔ Licentia Northern Cape
✔ Licentia Northwest
✔ Licentia Western Cape


Every good company was founded on an idea — something the current marketplace might not yet offer.

Inadvertently created in 2006, Licentia grew into an idea when we were doing corporate mergers and acquisitions.

It was simple to decide to begin handling company license and application processes in-house when expanding and selling enterprises. We carefully and slowly overcame the difficult challenges of obtaining a business license and complying with regulations by keeping track of deadlines, investing countless hours in examining the requirements for applications, and communicating with numerous Municipality, Provincial, Governmental, and Legal offices. Navigating the procedure was challenging, especially given that we were beginning from scratch and had no one to turn to for help.

The lightbulb moment accrued when past clients requested assistance in further Business developments and new ventures, of which new Licenses were required to operate.

As the years went on, our expertise and knowledge increased steadily, and today the Local, Provincial, and National Government agencies themselves promote us as the top service provider in Business Licensing.

As a result, Licentia was founded, and after nearly 20 years, thousands of applications, and five provinces served, “Licentia” has grown to be South Africa’s first and largest collective Business License and Operational Licensing organization.


A Licentia Franchisee’s ability to generate income is entirely based on his or her, on their effort and enthusiasm.

Licentia Franchise SA is in no way a “get rich quick” money-making opportunity.

The reality is, that it is through the steady, stable, secure path to accumulating wealth by investment and business skill that produces real long-term riches.

Income derived shall be diverse (As per Licentia’s services offered) and consist of results-driven remuneration, with the outcome of building an annual service client base that can grow strength on strength, year after year.

This franchise business opportunity is for you if you are a successful sales or marketing consultant with a strong ethical foundation and a client-first mentality who is willing to go above and beyond in word and deed in order to reap significant profits. The Licentia Franchise SA concept is a great way to be “on your own but not alone” while still having the full support and backing of a reputable Franchise model.

Franchise Commitment

A franchise after all is neither a commodity nor a job – it’s a commitment. Just like in a marriage, for the franchise to work effectively both the franchisee and the franchisor needs to bring something of themselves to the Business Model.

Franchisees’ responsibilities to the Licentia Group are as follows:
  • The capacity to adhere to directions and instructions, and the Licentia Group’s tried-and-true business procedures. All franchisees adhere to the same system and provide the same goods and services in their individual markets, which is the cornerstone of the franchise model.
  • Adaptable to change. … South African legislation and processes do change from time to time.
  • Drive, ambition, energy, hard work and their own skills. …
  • Similar qualities to the franchisor. … Never take any action that could damage the reputation and the name of Licentia Franchise SA firm or your fellow franchisees.
  • The statutory and common law duties of good faith and fair dealing highlight important ethical considerations in the franchisor-franchisee relationship, such as the duty to act with ethics, honesty, fairness, and respect in dealing with others.
  • Forward-thinking strategies in building a National Licentia Brand, are the future of franchising. To keep up with the changing needs and interests of customers, Licentia and its Franchisees shall be innovative, creative, and open-minded.
  • Strict attention to administrative management and processes, payments of franchise and marketing fees.
  • Participate in the yearly national and provincial conferences and training.
  • Area development of the franchisee’s geographical area. …


Franchise Fee: R 50 000-00 to R 150 000-00 (Ex VAT)
(Depending on Geographical Area)

Deposit: Included in the Franchise Fee Training: Included in the Franchise Fee Starting Working Capital: R 50 000-00

Total Investment: R 100 000-00 to R 200 000-00

Monthly Royalty Fee: 10% (Ex VAT) Monthly Marketing Fee: R 2 000-00 (Ex VAT)


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