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Jean Oliver - Director


Our History - Licentia's Story

Licentia was launched by accident in 2006, while we were doing business acquisitions and mergers. Outsourced Business Licenses Applications and Transfers while selling and or building new business ventures were just not working and it seemed that there were too many companies and individuals that promises results but could not perform, due to a lack of knowledge and professionalism.

The decision to start doing Business Licenses and Applications in-house when developing and selling businesses was an easy one to make, but as we progressed the realization come that this was a challenging venture. Across South Africa, there are hundreds of Local, National, Municipal, Township, and special district Governments, each with its business license and permit requirements. We met the rigorous challenges of business license and compliance slowly and carefully, by tracking down deadlines and spending valuable hours researching application requirements and corresponding with any number of the Municipality, Provincial,  Governmental, and Legal offices. It was a tricky process to navigate, especially starting from nothing and having nowhere to turn for advice and guidance.

"Winners Never Quit" was tried and tested for years to come

At first, we weren’t even thinking about developing a business. The research, meetings, and collecting of information and documents and processes with Government Departments, Locally and Provincial was endless, and sometimes it was even difficult to understand who governs the license requirements, was just time-consuming.

The “aha” moment only came after existing clients started requesting us to renew their Licenses; “You completed the Business Operational Applications, so you can assist in the renewal thereof”. And then, of course, help my friend, my family, they also have to get a Business Operational License in this or that Industry. And with time the experience and knowledge grew and grew until we become the preferred services provider as recommended by the Local, Provincial, and National Government departments themselves today.

“LICENTIA”  originated from the Latin English words for License, Freedom, Liberty.

Thereby Licentia was created and after almost two decades, serving five provinces and thousands of applications and approvals, “Licentia” has become the first and biggest collective Business License and Operational Licensing firm in South Africa.

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