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Navigating New Terrain: The Employment Equity Amendment Act’s Impact

Reference: Published by Staff Writer (BusinessTech), 3 April 2024

The South African Department of Employment and Labour has released Draft Regulations for public commentary, reflecting changes in the Employment Equity Amendment Act signed by President Cyril Ramaphosa in April 2023.

These regulations set out sectoral numerical targets for employment equity, urging employers, especially those with over 50 employees, to align with these new benchmarks to accelerate transformation within the workplace.

Detailed guidance is provided on developing Employment Equity Plans, considering the workforce profile against sector targets and the Economically Active Population data. This approach underscores a strategic move towards more inclusive employment practices, balancing ambition with realism to foster a diverse and competitive workforce.

The consultation period invites stakeholders to contribute to shaping a more equitable employment landscape by May 2, 2024.

For a comprehensive understanding and to contribute to the public comment, visiting the official notice or seeking detailed documentation is advisable.