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Limpopo now has new liquor trading restrictions.

Reference: Published by Mahlatse Phaladi (SABCNews), 25 July 2023

Limpopo’s Economic Development Department has stated that the new liquor trading restrictions will be implemented.

MEC Rodgers Monama has stated that the new act would be implemented as scheduled on August 1st.

The act will decrease liquor trading hours from 02:00am to 12 midnight. The liquor stores will also be open on Sundays. Despite the opposition of the liquor sellers’ association.

The group claims that it is still recuperating from COVID-19 losses and that job losses are possible.

Monama, on the other hand, claims that extensive talks have taken place over the last few years.

“In terms of the act, there is no way for us to reverse the process because it is legislated. The legislature has held public hearings, and our officials have conducted consultations throughout the province.” They were discussing regulations, and all of these provinces have altered our regulations,” Monama remarked.