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Early license renewal is encouraged for Mpumalanga traders.

Reference: Published by Bongekile Khumalo, 23 March 2023


Mpumalanga Economic Regulator representatives recently stated at a workshop that licensing laws had been modified to make it easier for traders to operate their enterprises.

Tradespeople have been encouraged by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator (MER) to abide by the rules outlined in their licenses.

On Friday, March 17, the MER held a stakeholder workshop in the Oewersig Community Hall in Mbombela. Local traders, officials from the City of Mbombela and the Ehlanzeni District Municipality, as well as police and SARS personnel, all attended the session.

According to Judith Khoza, a spokesperson for the MER, the workshop’s goal was to describe the majority of the license requirements that have been enhanced over time to speed up compliance.

“The gaming and alcohol businesses have expanded significantly, and we need to continuously learn more to comprehend their licensing dynamics. The licensing rules are placed in place to help businesses succeed, not inhibit it, according to Khoza.

George Madonsela, the investigations manager for the MER, advised traders to obtain their licenses in the proper manner during his presentation. “First of all, they should be paid for, but a receipt does not vouch for your license. Several dealers repeatedly get their licenses revoked by the SAPS because they don’t adhere to the terms of their licenses, he claimed.

Tradespeople shouldn’t wait until their licenses are about to expire before requesting a renewal. If nothing else is specified, a trading license is good for 12 months. Even traders phone me to complain that we provide their renewals too slowly. Sending in your applications at least three months before the expiration date is a simple way to avoid this.

Elijah Mamba, the inspectorate manager for the MER, advised traders to maintain current records of their operations and to retain copies on the premises. The laws pertaining to offenses and punishments should be familiar to traders.