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Explore Whether Your Business Requires A Trade License.

Certain types of businesses are required by law to hold a current business or trade license. Businesses like a restaurant, coffee shop, pub, or spa for health and wellness can fall under this category.
It can be simple to get into legal trouble even before you start making money because a trade license is not a requirement for every new firm.
The most common queries about trade licenses and how they may affect your SMEs are addressed below.

Which industries require trade licenses?
According to the Business Act 71 of 1991, which oversees it, the majority of new firms won’t need a business license, however there are several sorts of businesses that cannot operate without a legitimate trade license. These consist of:

  • Medical offices, spas, saunas, and public baths
  • Massage parlors, laser, and UV treatment facilities
  • Adult stores
  • Cinemas
  • Nightclubs
  • Pool rooms
  • Arcades
  • Any establishment with three or more vending or slot machines
  • Hawkers
  • Restaurants that serve food, offer take-out, or deliver meals

What is the procedure for applying?
Applications must be filled out and delivered to the appropriate licensing department.
Copies of the company’s legal paperwork, member and manager identification documents, and the payment of one-time fees must all be included with the application.

How is the application’s success assessed?
The licensing department provides a report to the other municipal agencies engaged in the procedure after you’ve submitted your application. The application must abide by all applicable laws, including:

  • Health and safety regulations that apply to food facilities and food transportation
  • Applying to the reduction and avoidance of noise and air pollution
  • Building Control Unit: Required under the 1977 National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act for building control.
  • Applicable to land use rights – Urban Planning Unit
  • Emergency Services and Public Safety – Relevant to public safety.

How long is the business license good for?
It is not possible to move from one location to another or change ownership of a trade license or application. If you don’t follow the endorsements, your trade license may be revoked or suspended. Your premises may occasionally be inspected after the trading license has been obtained.